Moving the Science
of Sleep Forward

At Mountain Top Foam, we keep things moving. Perpetua™, our proprietary continous-pour process, keeps the latex particles in constant motion to prevent settling. And our science is always moving forward too, so we stay on the cutting edge of the industry. That's how we help you deliver a better mattress for a better night's sleep.

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Discover our eco-friendly process.

We pride ourselves on being an ecological, 95% green organization. That's why we recycle all of our materials and have an in-house wastewater treatment plant. We're committed to respecting the environment throughout the process, which is why we were the first North American latex producer to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Our FSC® certification with NEPCon is recognized by the Rainforest Alliance.

Okeo-Tex, FSC, GOLS, Rainforest Allegiance certified

Choose the right latex for your mattresses.

Natural Latex  - The Smarter Choice for Pure Latex

Deliver the healthiest, most eco-friendly bedding choice with our natural product.

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Mixto™ Latex  - Our Specially Engineered Blend

Trust our most popular product: a cost-effective and exceptionally comfortable blend, formulated with natural latex.

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Performance Latex  - Greater Control for Greater Durability

Offer high-quality performance in a broader range of firmness levels with our uniquely formulated latex.

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The Specialty Collection  - More Customized Latex for a Superior Sleep

Set your mattresses apart with foam infused with gel, copper, aluminum or graphite.

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Trust the Mountain Top advantage.

  • Responsive comfort
  • Enhanced pressure relief
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Breathability
  • Uplifting support

Don’t settle for the competition. Here’s why:

Perpetua Talalay Dunlop Imported Latex
Environmentally Friendly
Long-Lasting Durability
Broad Range of Feels
High Support Factor

Mountain Top Foam is a premier latex manufacturing company.

We are dedicated to providing the mattress industry with the highest quality in sustainably sourced American-made latex cores, toppers, mattresses and sleep accessories. Our company never settles — on customer service, on quality or on comfort. That's why we invented, patented and continue to perfect Perpetua™, our proprietary latex continuous-pour process. Our advanced process is based in science that's leading the industry and specially designed for a better night's sleep.